Welcome to MichaelPreston.net! I’m radio guy who has done pretty much everything possible in this industry except get paid a lot of money and then get fired for some sort of massive breach of FCC regulations. It’s on the to-do list though.

I’m starting to write a little bit more in my spare time as well, mostly about the thing I love to do most: travel. Some podcasting will be thrown in at some point as well, probably about sports, husbanding, and travel, maybe about sandwiches. I’m not committal at this point (not about the sandwiches, I love sandwiches).

You listen to me do things like talk about news and sports or use your eyes to read things I write in those fancy circles above this. Or there’s a pull down menu in the top right hand corner. Whatever floats your boat (probably water, I’m not sure what else it’d be buoyant in).

Email me: michaelpreston3@gmail.com


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