“I have had the distinct privilege of working with Michael Preston as his General Manger for a period of approximately 15 months between the years of early 2011 and mid-2012 at radio stations KELA/KMNT in Centralia, Washington. As a programming employee at a small, yet busy and vibrant AM/FM combo, Mike’s responsibilities were many. What impressed me most about Mike was his positive attitude, his dedication to his craft, and his ability to transition somewhat seamlessly from one set of responsibilities to another- and all the while never saying no when asked to further rise to the occasion. Mike is winner- a man whose personality drew others to him. Moreover, Mike is a man of character and integrity. I always appreciated that in him, as I know anyone would. Lastly, Mike is a hard worker, and moreover, a smart worker. I would encourage you to give Mike full consideration as he will not disappoint- he’s that kind of a guy.”

Greg Dourian, General Manager at KELA/KMNT Radio (via LinkedIn)

“Michael is diligent in his preparation and cares deeply about every broadcast he works on. He takes both criticism and praise in stride and is always looking to improve his craft.”

Tyler Hendrick, Technical Director on UWTV (via LinkedIn)

“I have been fortunate in 25 years to work with some very talented play-by-play people. Michael shows the necessary drive, talent, and focus needed to succeed in a great but competitive industry. Michael has an excellent delivery and a tremendous grasp of the sports he announces. It is pleasant and a pleasure working with him.”

Richard Green, Game Day Engineer for UWTV (via LinkedIn)

Contact Information:

Email: michaelpreston3@gmail.com

Phone: 206-484-4491

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